The 100 Day Project: Day Eighteen & Nineteen

Thursday 7 March 2024

 Good afternoon,

Apologies for an absence in posting yesterday, I was busy with appointments and I'm still so under the weather. Feeling rather fed up at the moment.

For these two days, I pulled out the Rosa Gallery Granulating watercolours to paint some pebbles inspired by the collection of beach pebbles I have in our bathroom, and no doubt from seeing similar sorts of art all over the place online, too. I picked these up some time ago from Bromley's Art Supplies, and have only very recently got around to actually squeezing them into some pans and popping them into an empty palette box.

For Day Eighteen I used Magenta Grey, Violet Black, Maroon Brown, Carbon Black and Cobalt Grey. I painted random pebble shapes around the full square of the page, and then added some Gold patterns with a metallic pen.

For Day Nineteen I used Jade Green, Azure Green, Golden Brown, Carbon Black and Cobalt Grey. I arranged these pebble shapes in a circle (somewhat badly, haha), that I marked out in pencil. I added Silver patterns this time using the same kind of metallic pen. I got so relaxed and in the flow with this one, that I totally forgot to take pictures of the process! I had some old saved reel audio on Instagram which finally had its moment to shine. 

I really like how these pieces turned out and I'm keen to do similar again on some 100% cotton watercolour paper. It would show the granulation better and it would be really nice to have a bigger space to work with. This was a very worthy and fun experiment, and I think the fact that I got so happily absorbed in the process, shows that.

See you tomorrow,

Rebecca x

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