The 100 Day Project: A Quarter of the Way Review and Revelation

Thursday 14 March 2024

 Good evening, loves.

At this quarter way point in The 100 Day Project, I wanted to reflect on the project so far, and adjust course if necessary. When I looked through all of the pages, my favourite ones were the following four:

They are all watercolour pieces with line work involved quite heavily. That was food for thought. Then I did some art separately from this project yesterday, as part of a Patreon drawing session with Katie Moody. We were drawing our art supplies and I used my go-to style of ink lines, coloured with watercolour. I can't tell you how happy it made me after all this abstract stuff. I really enjoyed myself and I loved the finished illustration. That was all pretty telling... 

This brings me on to the remainder of the project. I'm not going to continue with the abstract play. I would like to complete the 100 days though! And I could think, looking back, "oh that was a waste of time", but this has been a really useful exercise. Abstract art is something I really admire and enjoy looking at, but through this endeavour, I have discovered that I don't like doing it myself and in fact, I am no good at it either. And that's ok. I don't have to have FOMO with abstract any more. I'm not missing it, and it's definitely not missing me! LOL.

Since picking up art again a couple of years ago, I gravitated towards a line & wash kind of deal with a bit of mixed media thrown in sometimes (a lot different to the acrylic pop art stuff I left behind in my early twenties). Sometimes the line would be pencil and the wash would be markers etc. but that was the general gist of it and my style was pretty illustrative. I always questioned whether this was really my thing, or if I was missing out on some other medium or style, or even if this was 'art' enough - I'm sure I can't be alone in this. But now I know that it really is my thing and my style, and that I'm not missing out. It's ok to admire other artist's work and not make work like that yourself. The art I feel drawn to make (can we just take a moment to enjoy that pun?!) IS 'art' enough.

This knowledge feels like a gift.

Rebecca x

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