2016 Day Designer Unboxing

Friday 8 January 2016

Good evening loves!

Tonight I posted my very first YouTube video of the Day Designer unboxing! It was quite an ordeal I can tell you, not just the setting up and filming of the thing but also the editing and uploading, who knew it could take so long?! It's really no wonder that I've never done it before but in the end I did start enjoying it and I'll definitely be doing more filming in the near future... If videos and hearing me say "lovely" too many times isn't your thing it's ok because I have this here post written just for you!

I bought this beauty of a Flagship directly in the September pre-order so I also received the pretty stickers they sent out, what a nice surprise that was! It was $59 plus $49 postage and then customs hit me with a £11.23 charge on top so it wasn't a cheapy but I know it's a goody!


It was packaged really well inside it's special glossy pink box, then inside this thick white cardboard box and then inside a brown cardboard box with packing paper.


Inside the pink box the DD was snuggly nested in a polythene bag and then a bubble wrap bag. It was also accompanied by two double sided cards informing you how to use the planner and how to look after it, then one inviting you to share on social media with that stunning floral pattern on the back.


I'm very pleased with my purchase. I love the packaging and the Day Designer itself feels so solid and luxurious in the hands. The black & bone cover is lush as are the gold tabs on the corners and gold foiled details on the covers. The coil is a nice chunky size and very sturdy but does have the distinctive dint that people talk about, if anything though it helps with turning all those pages!


To start the planner we have that gorgeous glossy pink interior with handy pocket and a blank page followed by the usual title pages and 'how-to' guide. The paper is a decent quality but not quite as thick as I would like and not on par with something like a Happy Planner or Erin Condren. Those gold tabs are verrry nice though. One thing to note is that the first divider and those following a four week month will have a blank notes page on the front but those after a five week month will accomodate the last day of the previous month... Not ideal.


Following that we have four goal planning pages the first being your 'vision for the next twelve months' broken down into sections: Help Yourself, Everyone Else, Attitude & Academics, Resources & Finance and Trade, Career & Biz with your top three Big Ideas at the bottom. You then have a lined page to list the things you will need to do to make those goals achievable.

lanes-loves-day-designer-unboxing-goal-planning (2)

The third page has those sections from page one again this time to be broken down over three, six, nine and twelve months. It's then followed by this 'make your goals manageable' page where you can list your goals and note: Deadline, Resources, Obstacles, Measured By, First Steps and when it's Done! Very handy for all my Lane's Loves planning and one of its main attractions.


This is the 2016 overview pages and I was really impressed with the size of the calendar boxes, they are totally usable whether it be lil notes, doodles, stickers or stamps. You could something really cute with these pages.


Next up is the monthly calendar view whose boxes are over an inch squared so super useful and there's also a nice amount of space along the top to do some decoration.


Now we're into the nitty gritty, the daily views. The weekday view which has a nice quote along the top, under which we have Today's Top Three, Due, Dinner, Dollars and Don't Forget. You then have the page split in two between a 5am - 9pm schedule and a fabulously long to-do list both of which my brain is going to appreciate very much. At the bottom there's the little Notes section and a lovely Daily Gratitude box.


The weekend is spread over one page with your quote followed by the Top Three To-Do's and the 5am to 9pm schedule and a Next Week breakdown section. At the back you'll find there is one single notes page and that's it - the end. I hope any of you loves looking to buy a DD will find this post helpful!

I'm super excited to have so much real-estate for my endless lists in my planner this year! Look out for future 'Plan with Me' posts and/or videos featuring the Day Designer coming in the near future...

Have a great weekend!

Rebecca x

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