Lane's Loves Miniature Wooly Hat Planner Charms

Monday 11 January 2016

Happy Monday Loves!

I have in actual fact had a pretty rough day and have a big decision to make overnight but happily I have this super cute new item ready to launch in my Lane's Loves Etsy shop as a distraction... All of us here in the UK including the plants and animals have been a little optimistic with this mild winter we've had and now all of a sudden we're feeling the cold and it's set to get worse! So to keep our little planner's ears warm in the cold I've whipped up these lovely miniature yarn hat charms...


How darned cute are these little guys?! I can't even tell you just how much I enjoy making them so please, please order so I can make moooooore! Make all the hats!!! Hahahaha.


These chaps are approx 7cm in height and come in my usual selection of colours and keychain attachments but remember you can always make a custom order for something that little bit extra special! I love a challenge :)


Priced at a reasonable £4.00 plus postage they're an ideal little treat for your treasured planner this winter! Find them HERE or via the 'shop' link in the sidebar.

I would also like to take a moment to thank the lovely people who have placed orders with me already, I can't explain how much they mean to me and I do hope you enjoy your goodies!

Rebecca x

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