Lane's Loves Cute Novelty Planner Paper Clips

Thursday 4 February 2016

Hi loves!

I just wanted to do a quick post showing the range of cute novelty planner paper clips I have on offer at the moment; I am a week or two late in doing so but I was literally taken down by the annual winter flu virus and I've also had a nice little trickle of orders in the shop to keep me occupied so I would also like to say a big thank you to those special early birds who flocked to my little worm lol...


First up (above & below) are these sweet glitter ice cream cones in pink, lemon, mint or blue on 3cm gold or silver coloured paper clips and available to purchase individually for £1.00/ea.


Now for some different snacks! Below we have juicy melon, refreshing cola or crunchy popcorn and sold individually for £1.00 a pop on either silver or gold coloured 3cm paper clips.


Let's get on to some bigger goodies, how about giant sparkly ice cream cone planner paper clips?!? Available in either blue or purple and on the silver or gold coloured 5cm paper clips for £1.50 a piece.


For those of you not so keen on the cold treats, we have my favourites the candyfloss and the sparkly macarons! The candyfloss (or cotton candy) is pink and comes on the silver or gold coloured 5cm clips. The macarons are either a yellow on the gold or a purple on the silver 5cm paper clips. All priced at £1.50/ea.


Finally after all that sugar you may be feeling a little... like a monster?! I have just the thing hahaha... These cuties are available individually for £1.50 in blue on silver, orange on gold, pink on gold, purple on gold or green on silver coloured 5cm paper clips; but remember you can always shoot me a custom request if I don't have exactly what you need on the shelf!

lanes-loves-5cm-gold-silver-cute-monster-planner-paper-clips (2)

I hope you like the look of what I have on offer so far because I have much, much more in the making! Keep those eyes peeled for new paper clips and new products altogether over the next month...

Rebecca x

P.s. Now I've almost fully settled into my new planners I'll be getting more into that side of things with you guys starting next week so hopefully by March we'll be ready for the start of some plan-with-me's!

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