The Happy Planner Instagram Challenge

Thursday 11 February 2016

Hello loves!

Today I made the mistake of taking an afternoon nap and then drinking too many vanilla lattes which means I am now sat wide eyed at the computer despite it being gone midnight! Oops... Anyhow it's a good job I am here because I've been meaning to share more of me and my planners with you on this here blog and taking part in the Happy Planner photo challenge on Instagram this month seemed like a nice way to kick things off here too! Let's go...


The Instagram challenge started with a planner selfie and intro so that's exactly where I'm starting here too: "I'm Rebecca a thirty year old loved up Londoner with a dodgy ticker and a soft spot for hamsters. My favourite things are planning/memory keeping, arts & crafts, coffee, sunshine and cuddles. I recently launched my planner accessories shop on Etsy and and also blog nail art at Nice to meet you!"


Pictured above are days two to nine of the challenge where we are covering stickers, discs, gold, list, in progress, storage, fitness and important date. I have had so much fun taking these pictures and seeing what all my fellow Happy Planners are doing with them, props to MAMBI for creating this fun Instagram sharing fest!


So on day ten our prompt was 'quote' and I knew immediately what I was going to share, it's kind of special to me and to Lane's Loves and in fact it had already had a quiet look-in in my gold picture... As I was nervously preparing to launch this new blog/shop/social media shindig that is Lane's Loves I asked myself "can I, little ol' me, really do this?..." I then opened my set of Happy Planner quote card inserts and found that I had two of the one above telling me "she believed she could, so she did." It was like a little sign of assurance and a kick in the butt from above so I decided that I believed I could (almost lol) and I did!

I hope you found that this helped a little with introducing you to me, one of my planners and my story; I promise there is a lot more to come...

Rebecca x

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