I think I'm back!

Saturday 17 February 2024

Well hello again, Loves!

Boy, does this website need a dust down and an update! After many years away from my little corner of the internet, a yearning to blog has returned. I had only just got started with this one and my accompanying Etsy shop, when I discovered I was expecting my first baby and everything stopped. I had been writing my nail art blog Lane's Lacquers for quite some time, and that came to an end too. That first baby is now 7 years old and his little brother is almost 5 years old!!! I have no idea where that time has gone or why it has gone so fast?!...

In those intervening years, I continued to journal and plan in the analogue way I love, and shared that over on Instagram for the most part. I also rediscovered my love of art (not of the nail variety) a couple of years ago, and have been sharing my exploration of that too. Now, I feel I want to come back to where I began, with blogging. I may stretch myself further still and create some content on YouTube. It's a platform I get so much from by watching and interacting with other creators of all kinds. I dipped my toe in that water many moons ago when I first started this blog (I think they're deleted now?), and more recently, I posted a Hobonichi unboxing video which was a scary sort of fun! I got some lovely feedback on that upload though, so maybe I'll give that a go now and then alongside my written content.

This return is something I've been mulling it over since the end of last year, but the impetus to get going this moment, is due to my decision to dive into the 100 day project which starts *ahem* tomorrow! I thought it would be nice (even if only for me) to document that project and connect with others that are doing it too.

I must confess, I'm flying by the seat of my pants with all this, but it is my favourite way to travel. I hope you'll come along on this journey with me!

Rebecca x

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