The 100 Day Project: Day Two

Monday 19 February 2024

Hello again, hope you're week is off to a good start!

My day began with the beautiful sunrise pictured below. I decided it would be the perfect inspiration for today's 100 day project creation.

For the background today, I decided to use slightly watered down Zinc White acrylic paint on the gelli plate today, mixed with Process Magenta and Process Yellow acrylic inks. A nice little experiment. I then went in on top with some soft pastels in White, Warm Grey, Smalt Blue White and Rose Grey, which I scribbled with and rubbed and scribbled with some more. I received these soft pastels for Christmas and this is the first time I've used them since the initial swatches I made. I finished up with a scribble of that Sepia acrylic ink again, I manoeuvred it around with a paint brush a little today as well. Here's how that all looked: 

I enjoyed the play time in my sketchbook and messing around with all these different materials is informative too. The way the acrylic paint spread differently on the gelli plate, the way the acrylic ink resisted the soft pastel and beaded up, all goes in the memory bank for future creations. I kind of like the finished product, but it's not as abstract as I initially intended. That's ok with me though.

Until tomorrow...

Rebecca x

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