The 100 Day Project: Day Three

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Hello, hello!

Day three of my 100 day project and I was inspired by the first daffodil to bloom in the planted area on my driveway. I loved how it looked, this pop of colour against the now-dry grasses. February is the month I cut those down ready for spring - add that to the to-do list!

I wanted to continue playing with my gelli plate, so I used a mix of Yellow Ochre, Sepia, Crimson and Indian Gold acrylic inks with my Zinc White heavy body acrylic to achieve the background in three layers, I applied it with both a brush and a brayer. I then used a brush to apply some of the paint and Yellow Ochre ink in thick splodges, followed by dipping it only in the ink and applying it with upward strokes. Next, I mixed some Sepia and Sap Green inks with the same Zinc White acrylic paint to make a dirty green, and applied that with a palette knife which I've not done before. I loved the texture! I mixed some crimson into the leftover green paint to create a muddy brown colour, and applied that with a brush to the bottom edge of the piece. I added some Portrait Pink acrylic ink with the dropper in the bottle and sort of scribbled it around with the palette knife. I finished up with some marks and scribbles of Warm White and Red Oxide soft pastels and a little splodge of Yellow oil pastel. You can watch the process below.

Playing with all these materials in my little sketchbook was a joy, I felt very grateful to have such lovely supplies around me. I guess the art supply hoarding over the last two years is now proving fruitful, haha. I also found experimenting with all these different applications really helped me be less in my head, and that's all I wanted from this project.

 Wishing you a great day, see you again the 'morra.

 Rebecca x

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