The 100 Day Project: Day Four

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Good evening guys and gals.

I hope your hump day has been treating you well. Mine was pretty good, aside from the very rainy and windy weather we had here in Surrey today. This weather was the inspiration for today's 100 day project creation.

I felt like working in watercolour today, and I saw that I still hadn't touched a dot card of MaimeriBlu single pigment watercolours, so that's where I started. I received these back last year with an order from Bromley's Art Supplies and I was really impressed with their vibrancy and ease to rewet as I just touched my brush to the dots to see what the colours looked like. 

As I was working in watercolour I decided to use a little offcut of watercolour paper which I could tuck inside my sketchbook. I chose to use the the three cool colours on the dot card for today's piece - Ultramarine Deep, Turquoise Cobalt and Payne's Grey. I just swished on the colours, lightest to darkest on the paper to start. I then did some mark making with a Warm Grey soft pastel and some Willow Charcoal. I finished with some circular marks in a silver metallic pen from a set my partner bought me for Christmas. I wasn't sure I find a use for them but here we are!

I really enjoyed the simplicity of this and how the colours really reflected the feeling of the day. I was so happy to be using watercolours too, they are my natural choice of medium along with ink, and anytime I use them, I can see why they are my favourite. Although I have been trying to use more mixed media over the past year, I feel I may always be drawn back to line and wash type work, and perhaps that's where my heart lies?...

Do you have an art supply that is your go-to, where you feel most at home? Do you stick to it or try to push yourself out of your comfort zone? I'd love to know, please tell me in the comments!


Rebecca x

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