The 100 Day Project: Day Five

Thursday 22 February 2024

Hello again,

It's now the fifth day of the 100 day project and it's been a very grey few days. When I saw this lady walking along the road in her bright pink coat and white boots, I thought to myself "I need some bright colour like that in my life!" My mind went to a tube of Fluorescent Green acrylic paint that I've had for probably nearly 20 years, and unsurprisingly, hasn't had much use! 

So, when I got home, I dug out that tube of paint and just slapped it on an entire page of my little sketchbook. I had no real idea of what else I was going to do so I just continued whacking on colours I liked! I applied some Magenta acrylic ink with a brush, then some Fluorescent Blue and Phthalo Turquoise mixed together went on with a palette knife. It was all looking verrrry BRIGHT. I thought painting on some Zinc White would help to tone things down but given its nature as a mixing paint, it didn't have the necessary opacity to handle that task. It helped a tad though. I did some scratching into that with a palette knife which I've never done before and it was so satisfying! I will have to explore that technique some more in the future. I finished up with some soft pastel in Warm White and some mark making with a nice bright Yellow oil pastel. 

The end result was pretty zingy I have to say, not my usual wheelhouse at all, but I kinda liked it. I had certainly brought some colour into my life and the textures were yummy. I really think I'm going to have to buy some fixative for all these very mixed media pieces though, it's getting messy up in here, haha. 

Look forward to catching you tomorrow.

Rebecca x 

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