The 100 Day Project: Day Six

Friday 23 February 2024

It's Friday at last, loves...

I'm a bit late writing today because Dexter, my cat, deleted my entire post when walking across the keyboard. It took me a while to get the oomph to do it all again. Ugh. Good job he's cute.

Today's installment in the 100 day project is inspired by the Spring flowers beginning to pop through here and there, it's getting me all hopeful for the changing season. To be honest though, I'm already dreaming of summer! 

Photo from Unsplash courtesy of Yoksel Zok

 I'll say right off the bat that this creation went all wrong. Before working in my sketchbook, I practiced my idea on some copy paper and it went swimmingly, I was so happy with the result. I went straight on to do it again in my sketchbook, and it did not work out the same at all. I dabbed acrylic ink in Indian Yellow, Light Green and Phthalo Turquoise on to a loose sheet of paper with the bottle's dropper. I pressed that on to the sketchbook page. Instead of getting a beautiful abstract print, I got a big green, oozing mess. On my hands, the desk and the pages of my sketchbook. In the end, I just wiped it all up with some paper towel. I took some oil pastels in Light Yellowish Green Field and Lemon Yellow and did some scribbling and rubbing. Then I used some oil pastels in Pink and Bright Pink to draw some flower-ish shapes. I finished with some mark making in charcoal and called it done. Better luck next time.

I didn't actually mind what came out at the other end of this mess, it just wasn't what I planned. But that's all part of the adventure isn't it?! We have to just embrace the errors and turn them into happy little accidents - to quote the lovely late Bob Ross.

So that's my mishap shared with the world. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you make a big old boo boo, don't worry. It happens to us all.

Have a great weekend, I'll be back again tomorrow.

Rebecca x

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