The 100 Day Project: Day Fifteen

Sunday 3 March 2024

Hello again,

Just a quick one from me this evening. I'm feeling pretty unwell and my itchy eyes (conjunctivitis x2) are driving me crazy. I cannot wait to get back into bed at last! I hope your Sunday has been in better form. I confess, my left eye was so annoying today, that I taped it shut with a plaster. My children found this most amusing, and my partner said I looked like I belonged in a computer game, haha.

This was a nice fun piece with acrylic inks in Process Yellow, Phthalo Turquoise and Purple Lake. I dropped them into water, plopped them down with the dropper and pulled them around with a brush. Then I took some bubble wrap to it (not super successful) and scraped around with a piece of card (much more successful). Finally, I took my little piece of charcoal for a walk around the page in whatever way struck me. It was colourful and full of freedom, and whatever it is, I think I kinda like it!

That's all for another week, loves. See you tomorrow to start a brand new one. Hopefully with two good eyes!!

Rebecca x

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