The 100 Day Project: Day Sixteen

Monday 4 March 2024

Welcome to a brand new week!

I hope your Monday has you off to a good start. For once, at last, the sun is shining here today. I can't say I'm feeling much better but the weather is certainly making it all much more manageable.

Today's installment on the 100 Day Project has been inspired by these Daffodils and Tulips I had on my kitchen windowsill last week. I think tomorrow's will probably be the ones I have there currently.

I wanted to do some loose florals, one of my favourite subjects in pen & ink and watercolour. I also wanted to try it with different materials, so I cracked out the Jackson's handmade soft pastels and the Pentel oil pastels. I started with negative space which is also a different way of working for me, and I enjoyed it a lot. I laid down the Powder Blue soft pastel first and smudged it in. Then I laid down a Warm White for the Tulips and a Lemon for the Daffodils, followed by Green Tea for the leaves and stems. I then went over with oil pastels in White, Yellow and Olive Green on the flowers and Pale Blue on the background, I finished with a few lines of charcoal and ta-da!

I usually feel negative space is a bit of a daunting way to approach something, but it really worked in this case. I also really enjoyed the different textures of the two types of pastel, and I especially like how the oil pastel drags some of the soft pastel colour around with it. These two mediums I'm really enjoying in this project.

See you soon,

Rebecca x

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