The 100 Day Project: Day Thirteen

Friday 1 March 2024

Evening all,

I'm a little late to the party tonight because I'm feeling so poorly today. If I could have, I would have just stayed curled up in bed all day, but that's just not possible!

The page for today's project was a very quick watercolour situation. I'm using the heck out of that MaimeriBlu dot card, haha.

I pre-wet a cloud-ish shape on the page, added the watercolours in Cobalt Turquoise, Ultramarine Deep, and Payne's Grey, and then let it run down the page. Repeat. I then did some splattering in the same colours. I painted a wee rainbow with the Green Gold, Pyrole Orange, and Quinacridone Lake. Finally I added some rainbow, rain and bird marks with a Sepia Pitt Artist Pen. Done. 

It's nothing special, but it was a little pick-me-up on this very dreary day. I loved the texture in the watercolours of the cloud. I think as much as I chase mixed media in my work, my heart really lies with watercolours...

Rebecca x

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