The 100 Day Project: Day Twelve

Thursday 29 February 2024

 Hello from a very wet Surrey!

This morning I went off-piste with the project, something in me wanted to squash my sketchbook into the mud of the water-logged lawn... So I did. Then I bashed some plant life into the page too, haha.

Initially I got some mud on the page by pressing the sketchbook down into the grass a few times, then Dexter the cat helped out by putting his muddy paws all up in there too. Lovely. I then proceeded to draw one of my very twiggy trees, some grass and the moggy, in charcoal. I'm suffering with conjunctivitis at present, so I called it a day at that.... A couple of hours later, I looked at it and did not like it one bit. Nope. I remembered an activity my boys had done recently in Forest School - Bashing flowers and leaves in between sheets of paper to make a print of them. I went back into the garden to pick some flowers, leaves, and grass from the lawn (if you can still call it that!), but I could not find our hammer for the life of me, so a screwdriver had to do the bashing. I wiped off the charcoal grass from the page as best I could, coloured in the cat, and went about beating up my sketchbook. 

I was much happier after returning to this page. There's a lovely texture and movement about it, and the process was fun indeed! The scent from bopping all the greenery was lush too, my study smelled like freshly cut grass. An unusual exercise for sure, but why not?! Let's get exploring all the things.

Speak soon.

Rebecca x

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