The 100 Day Project: Day Eleven

Wednesday 28 February 2024

Good afternoon, I hope I find you well!

Today I fancied experimenting with painting three colours of acrylic paint at the same time and combining it with some collage, it was not inspired by anything really?!...

I chose a piece of collage paper I wanted to start with and marked out an area I wouldn't need to paint in pencil. I got out Cadmium Yellow (Hue), Fluorescent Blue and Purple acrylic paint colours, and dipped my brush in all three at once in completely random ways to be honest. I put these down on the upper section I'd marked off, and I actually overworked it. At one point the individual colours were still shining, but there was a lot of the page itself showing through, so I kept going. It got a bit muddy. Boohoo. I then changed my mind on the collage piece, there just wasn't enough contrast, so I went back through my magazines and chose another couple of pieces I liked.

I think it ended up looking like some kind of lake scene and I quite enjoyed the texture and the contrast of the paint marks and the paper pieces. It was pretty quick and simple, but that's kind of what this project is about for me. It's the first, and sometimes the only piece of art I make each day, and it really gets the creative juices and ideas flowing. 

Until tomorrow,

Rebecca x

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