The 100 Day Project: Day Ten

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Well, we're a tenth of the way through the project today! Well done to anyone who has made it this far too, keep it up! 

I really fancied playing with the warm colours on that MaimeriBlu watercolour dot card that I used back on Day Four, and I thought of a piece of art I saw at the Wave Exhibition at Japan House in Kensington last September.

I didn't do anything as elaborate or beautiful as this lovely piece, nor could I on this particular sketchbook paper, but the essence of the idea was there, and it was the quick, joyful piece of art I needed today. I simply wet a circular area on the paper and dabbed the Green Gold in the centre, followed by a ring of Pyrole Orange and a ring of Quinacridone Lake. I repeated that process, and then when dry (well almost dry, I was impatient, who me? Never!), I drew a stem and leaves, and did some mark making on top of the 'flower' with a Metallic Gold pen.

Nothing to dislike with this one but I'm not quite sure I could class it as abstract. It's no biggy, it's my project and I'll do what I want, lol. I would like to repeat this kind of design on some good watercolour paper and take my time over it, make it really intricate. Maybe one day...

See you tomorrow, loves.

Rebecca x

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