The 100 Day Project: Day Eight

Sunday 25 February 2024

Good evening, loves.

The week is now drawing to a close. I've had so much on, that I'm kinda ready for it to be over, and to start a whole new fresh week tomorrow.

With today's creation, I had nothing but a sort of colour palette in mind, and a desire to use all the various materials I had to hand on my desk. So the inspiration really was just art stuff and my hearts desire I guess?...

I started off with some splodges of acrylic ink in Yellow Ochre, Sepia, Purple Lake, and Indian Yellow, which I smudged and patted with my fingers. I then essentially just scribbled with soft pastels in Olive, Deep Lavender Blue and Deep Yellow Ochre, and I rubbed them in too. I made some marks with my willow charcoal before adding some more soft pastel in Smalt Blue White and Salmon Pink. I drew randomly with an oil pastel in White and one of my jumbo graphite sticks. Finally, a little more of pretty much everything went on, and what I ended up with was a landscape of sorts. Not what I had in mind, I had no plan, but I'm not surprised because I love the landscape. It's one of my favourite things to admire. I love to be in it, paint or draw it, take photo's of it and see other's photo's and artistic pieces of it.

If I'd set out to do a landscape, it likely wouldn't be anything like this, and that's where the beauty of this lies I think. It's also the wonderful thing about setting out to play rather than make "art" as such. You make marks you might not otherwise make, use colours you might not have chosen first and discover things about yourself, both creatively and perhaps deeper than that.

I think this project has a lot to offer, and I'm grateful for it!

Rebecca x

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